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MyPic Debit Cards

Farmers & Merchants State Bank provides the opportunity for you to create a personalized debit card featuring any photo you choose loved ones, friend, a pet or favorite vacation spot. Whatever means the most to you can be displayed on your debit card. Its sure to be the favorite card in your wallet.

You can upload your own photo, following our IMAGE GUIDELINES or choose from a variety of stock backgrounds. Just choose one of the card types to get started.

Edge to Edge Format
The most space to display your favorite memory
2 x 2 Format
Proudly show your kids or grandkids photo to the world by adding their photo to your Debit Card
1 x 1 Format
A great way to personalize your card with your own photo and add security to identification

MyPic Studio Debit Card Q&A
  • What is a MyPic Studio debit card?
    It's a debit card that you get to choose the photo or image that appears on the front of the card. As long as your image complies with the Image Guidelines, you can create a card that is unique to you.
  • Who is eligible for a MyPic Studio debit card?
    Farmers & Merchants State Bank account holders. You must have a checking account with us.
  • How much does this debit card cost?
    Each MyPic Studio debit card cost $14.99 and renews every two years.
  • Can joint account holders design their own cards, too?
    Yes. Every card associated with the account can be customized by the individual card holder. Each MyPic card costs $14.99.
  • How often can I change my photo or image on my card?
    You can change it as often as you like. You will have to pay $14.99 to have your card reissued.
  • Will customizing my card change my pin number or my account?
    No. Your account and pin number will remain the same. The look of your card natually changes and your expiration date since it's based on the date that it is issued.
  • What happens if my photo is not approved?
    We will notify you by email if there's a problem with your image and you'll have the opportunity to submit another photo. In most cases, it may be as simple as selecting an image that isn't trademarked or under copyright. Each image submitted is subject to the $14.99 fee so you will want to be very careful that you submit a photo that meets the Image Guidelines.
  • How do I convert my image into a digital photo?
    You will need to convert your physical photo into a digital photo. If you take your photo into a photo processing facility, they should be able to scan the photo and put it on a disk. Remember the image needs to be saved in either .jpeg or .bmp formats.
  • What size does my digital photo need to be?
    An image that is at least 840 X 840 pixels is best. Chose a clear, sharply focused image, preferably taken at a high resolution. You can also use photo editing software to enhance your photo prior to uploading it, although it's not required.
  • What should I do with my old debit card once I receive the new one?
    After you activate your new card and are confident that it is working, destroy the old card.You will be responsible for any loss as a result of not doing so.
  • What if my MyPic card is lost or stolen?
    Notify Farmers & Merchants State Bank immediately during business hours toll-free at 1-888-478-3007 and call 1-800-383-8000 to report a lost or stolen card.

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