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Bill Pay

No Check, No Stamp, No Envelope, No Trip to the Mailbox! No Hassle way to Pay your Bills!

Check writing made easy...you tell us who to pay, how much to pay, and we send your money according to your instructions. Never again forget to sign the check or run out of stamps. Enjoy the convenience of internet banking, and paying your bills online. It's fast, easy, and available 24 hours a day.

What you'll need:

  1. You must be an online banking customer to use Bill Payment.
  2. We will need a signed application from you. The application form is available to you online.
  3. Once we receive your signed application, a "Bill Payment" button will appear when you Log In to online banking. You will find it when you click on your checking account that you will be paying your bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bill Payment Information

What is Bill Payment?

Bill Payment is a service that allows you to have money sent from your checking account to almost anyone. We call the service Bill Payment because paying bills is the most popular use of this internet payment service. But you can even send money to your kids away at college, or send a gift of money to someone across the country.

You set up the information about who you want paid once, and then never have to worry about taking the time to address an envelope, buy a stamp, or make a trip to mailbox.

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What do I need to start using Bill Payment?

You will need to have access to Farmers & Merchants State Bank's internet banking service and have a Farmers & Merchants State Bank checking account. There is an Internet Bill Payment Agreement for you to read, sign, and return it to the bank. When we receive your signed Agreement you will have a "Bill Payment" button appear when you Log On.

If you are not currently an internet banking customer, you will also need a password. Please contact Farmers & Merchants State Bank at (920) 478-3007 to obtain your password.

You will also need Internet access using Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater or Netscape Communicator 4.5 or greater with 128-bit strong encryption. If you need to upgrade your browser, you can do that now:

For best results, your screen resolution should be set to 800 x 600 Resolution.

Before you begin, read the Disclosures and Agreement. To access internet banking, click on the Log In button found on the Farmers & Merchants State Bank homepage or throughout this website.

You will then see a button for you to use. Complete the information as requested on the screen:

Access ID:

This is one of your account numbers.

Account Type:

Indicate the type of account that you're using as your Access ID. If you entered your checking account number in the Access ID, then select "Checking".


Enter the password you were assigned by Farmers & Merchants State Bank when you requested online banking.

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Is Bill Payment secure?

The server that stores your Farmers & Merchants State Bank account information uses Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL). This security encrypts the data sent making it difficult to see your information. In other words, your information is sent in a scrambled format. To ensure that the information is being sent from a secure server, the address will start with https:// rather than http:// and you will notice that you are receiving the information from an SSL server securely if you see a closed padlock at the bottom of your screen like this: img

Using 128-bit encryption technology scrambling your information, it would take a computer dedicated to doing nothing else many years to unscramble. We strongly encourage Internet Explorer users to use the 128-bit high encryption pack option for the strongest security available. Internet Explorer High Encryption Pack is available for download now. Netscape users must use Netscape Communicator 4.5 or greater with 128-bit encryption to access online banking.

Netscape Navigator 2.0 and 3.0 display a broken key icon when on a site that doesn't require encryption and a solid key appears when the site is secure. However, Netscape users of online banking must use Netscape Communicator 4.5 or greater with 128-bit encryption, so you should upgrade your browser if you do not see a closed padlock . img

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Who can I pay using Bill Payment?

Bill Payment allows you can pay virtually any business or individual in the United States. The only types of payments that are not allowed are tax payments and court ordered payments.

You can set up a one time payment to your nephew as a birthday gift or to your mechanic for a car repair, for example. Or choose to set up regularly scheduled payments to an individual (like a babysitter for child care), or a business (like a rental agency for your rent).

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How do I add a payment?

After you Log On click on the "My Accounts" button, then click on the checking account number from which we will be paying your bills. After the bank receives your signed Agreement, you will see a "Bill Payment" button to give you access to Bill Payment. This screen will show your Scheduled Payments that have been set up. To set up a new payment, click on "Setup New Payment" toward the bottom of the page.

Have a copy of your bill available when you setup a new payment. The screen will indicate the information we need to ensure that your payment is made correctly and on time. This is the information you will need to set up a payment; the required information is indicated by an asterisk (*):


Enter the name of the person, business, or not-for-profit entity that you would like to pay.

Address, City, State, and Zip*

Enter the mailing address to which we should send your funds.

Phone Number*

Enter the phone number of the person, business, or not-for-profit entity that you would like to be paid.


If your payment should be directed to a specific contact or department, you may indicate that in the contact space.


Enter any payment amount in dollar and cents between one cent and $5,000.00.


Indicate the date that Farmers & Merchants State Bank should send your payment. Please note that you must allow at least five (5) business days' notice to ensure your payment will arrive in time. (see "How much notice does the bank need to send the payment?")


Choose to send a payment on a specific date (On Demand) or on a regular frequency. Scheduling options include monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly.

Number of remaining payments

If you would like to make the payments on a regular basis, enter how many more times the bank should send a payment.


The description will default to read: "Payment to (payee's name)". You may choose to edit this to a short description which will appear in the description on your statement.

Account Number with Payee

Enter an Account Number for your Payee if one is available.

Click on the "Add Payment" button and Farmers & Merchants State Bank will begin processing payments received before 6:00 p.m. CST on any business day. Be sure to allow at least five business days for your payment to be received by your Payee. (see "How much notice does the bank need to send the payment?").

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How long will my Payees stay on?

Your Payee information will stay in your Scheduled Payments for at least one year after the last payment was sent. Once you set up a Payee, you can use that information to make more payments by editing the payment instructions.

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I have a joint account. Can we both use Bill Payment?

All owners on a joint account will have access to Bill Payment and will need to sign the Agreement. Owners of an account will need to sign on with their own Password and Access ID.

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How does Bill Payment work with the automatic debit payments (ACH) I already have paid from my checking account?

Automatic debits between your account or from your account to someone outside of the bank are the most cost effective and efficient way to transfer your money. If there is no charge for using ACH (Automatic Clearing House) to automatically make payments to the utility or phone company, for example. If automatic withdrawal from your checking account is available from your service provider to pay your bill, you should choose that method before Bill Payment. There is a charge to use bill payment, but it is a great alternative to writing a check when ACH is not available from your Payee.

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How much does the Bill Payment service cost?

Personal Account customers can use Bill Payment for FREE up to ten payments per month and $.50 per payment after ten per statement cycle, which will be posted to your next month's statement.

Business customers can use Bill Payment for a $.50 fee per payment.

The per payment billing option is charged to your account on the next business day following the Payment Date.

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When do my Bill Payment transactions appear?

You will see your payments scheduled to be paid as soon as you complete the "Setup New Payment". The funds are taken out of your account on the date you requested the payment be initiated. You can expect your Payee, or recipient of the funds, to receive your payment approximately five (5) business days later.

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How do I cancel a Bill Payment?

You may edit the amount, date, frequency, number of remaining payments, description, and account number by clicking on the name of the Payee on any pending payment.

A payment that has reached the Payment Date cannot be cancelled. See your Internet Bill Payment Agreement for more details.

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How much notice does the bank need to send the payment?

You may set up a payment request up to one year in advance of the date you would like the bank to begin initiating the payment. However, please allow at least five (5) business days before the due date for payments to be delivered. Using a calendar, note your payment due date (not including any grace period), count backward at least five (5) business days (skip holidays and weekends). The cut-off time for the business day is 6:00 p.m. C.S.T. so if you are setting the payment up after this time, add one extra day.

After you initiate your payment instructions, the bank will begin processing the payment on the next business day. The funds will be withdrawn from your account and the transfer process will begin. Because most vendors will need to have a check mailed to them, you can expect your Payee to receive your funds by the fifth business day after you initiated the payment.

Some vendors take longer to process payments that do not use the return envelope or remittance stub they provided with their bill. In these situations you will need to initiate your payment earlier to ensure a timely payment. These Payees may require an extra seven (7) business days or more to process these payments. We suggest you read your account agreements provided by your vendors or contact them for details to determine your payment initiation date.

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What happens if I don't have enough money in my account for a payment I've setup?

The available balance in your checking account will automatically be checked before a payment is sent. The payment will not be sent until there is enough money in your account. If there is not enough money in the account for the payment, your account will be checked each business day until there are sufficient funds to complete the payment. To ensure your payment does not arrive late, it is important that the funds be available on the Payment Date.

The only record of whether your payment was sent as scheduled will be your current account statement. You are responsible for verifying the payment was completed as instructed. For more information, refer to your Bill Payment Agreement.

If your account has our ComfortZone feature Bill Payments will make payments up to the $500 ComfortZone limit and your account will be charged ComfortZone fees.

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How does Bill Payment work?

You can set up a payment to anyone, any business, or any not-for-profit organization within the United States (except tax payments and court ordered payments) using bill pay. The chart below describes the Bill Payment process.

Day 0 (Payment Date)

Today is bill Payment Date before 6:00 p.m. C.S.T.

Payment is initiated.

Day 1

This is the next business day after Payment Date

Paper check is printed and mailed by the bank; Check is given to the U.S. Post Office

Day 2

This is the second business day after Payment Date

If applicable transaction fee will be assessed to your account to your account.

Payment check begins delivery through the U.S. mail.

Day 5

Payee receives a paper check per your request

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Bill Pay Application Disclosures

Electronic Signature Act Disclosure

The federal Electronic Signature Act (E-Sign) allows us to offer electronic disclosures through our website, provided that you have the right to choose whether or not you wish to accept them. Before you proceed, you must read the following important information concerning your rights and our obligations about electronic Internet disclosures and select your response from the available options.

  1. Receiving Electronic Disclosures. Before you consent to receive electronic disclosures in connection with any Internet service, you should have equipment that will accept and display Internet access using Internet Explorer 4.5 or greater or Netscape Navigator 4.5 or greater with a minimum of 128-bit strong encryption.
  2. Right to request written disclosures. You have the right at any time to ask for and receive written copies of all disclosures that we are required to provide you in connection with this Internet banking activity. You may request a written copy of an electronic disclosure at any time and we will send you a copy of any disclosure without charge.
  3. Limitation of your consent. Your consent is limited solely to this service. You will still have the right to require written disclosures for any other service we provide. You also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time and you will receive all future disclosures in writing along with information about any fees or conditions that may arise.
  4. Procedures for withdrawing your consent. In the event you decide to withdraw your consent to receive electronic disclosures, you must notify us in writing or by telephone which service for which you require written disclosures and give us the address, we will mail our disclosures to you at the address currently on file in the bank's records for your particular service or services.
  5. How to contact us. If you decide to withdraw your consent to receive electronic disclosures, or wish to update personal information including your email address, or if you would like to receive a printed copy of any disclosure, contact us at: Farmers & Merchants State Bank Attn: Internet Services P.O. Box 96 Waterloo, WI 53594 Telephone: (920) 478-3007
  6. Affirmative consent. By proceeding below, you acknowledge that you are able to read and retain all of the disclosures available on this site. You also confirm that you have carefully reviewed this e-Sign Disclosure. Please select one of the following options:
1.Please send me an Application
2. Review and Print Application

PLEASE NOTE: The bill payment application will open in a new window.
If you have a popup blocker in use, please temporarily disable it to view the application.

Also, we are unable to accept applications online. Please sign and return the printed application to the address below.

Farmers & Merchants State Bank c/o Customer Services P.O. Box 96 Waterloo, WI 53594

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